Whens the last time I have SI. A month ago….But today I AM hurting.Today i am wordless.Today i want to pick you the “tool”. I will scream. I can yell. BUt what can i do but fight me. IM fighting with myself everyday. What drives me to do it…My life…Who I am. What i have become…I want to stop. But im snapping under pressure. Im not good enough for the world yet the world wont give me a chance at life to tell them “Im here! I feel and I want to be heard!” is that so much to ask…I have SI for a Month. But today I am. I will. I fight to stop yet start to finish. I cannot ask for help when no one will listen but I have Asked….So ignorance is bliss….What should I do…Advice would be nice…But who can give it if im already depended on the worst today…Help is the least of words…All i ask is help me overcome me.