Dear Jake,

I wish that we never got a chance to express our feelings to one another until after I moved. But maybe it was for the best, your friendship means more to me then any “high school” romance would have. Its not that I never wanted to be with you, cause I did for three years, but being able to call you my friend means the world to me. Though we never really hung out with each other, we were always so close. You were one of the few people I turned to when I was dealing with another one of my life-crisis, and for that I’m thankful. Thankful that I can talk to you about SIing without worrying that you might judge me, because I know in my heart that you won’t. I can tell you anything and know that no matter what it is that I say you won’t turn you’re back on me, that you’ll sit there and talk to me into the early morning hours, knowing that you still have to wake up early the next day. Thank you for being so patient with me through the years, never lecturing me about how it was wrong to SI but letting me know that you cared so much for me that it hurt you to see me hurt myself. Thank you for being my rock for so many years, for letting me cry on your shoulder (figuratively). I’m sorry for all the trouble i caused you, for all the nights that I scared you, for all the months of worrying of whether I was going insane or just going through a very long breakdown. I owe you so much more then just friendship I owe you a life of love, which I’ll try my best to give you. Though we live different lives, and are going our separate ways soon, I’ll continue to keep in contact and let you know how my recovery is going, the recovery you helped start. You’ll forever have a place in my heart, a place bigger then just being my “crush”. You’ll be my “everlasting friend”. I love you dearly.

With a lifetime of love,