I haven’t written in awhile…but I really need some good advice. Me and my boyfriend broke up what seems like forever ago, but it was honestly only two or three months. I cling to his memory for dear life. Everything about him, everything he’s ever given me or anything like that. We still care about each other, it’s just we can’t see each other. So we are waiting until we both turn 18. It just feels…so unlikely, and I can sense his feelings are changing. And he can probably sense mine changing too. I’m not the same person anymore. Depression has swept over me. No one wants to be around someone who’s always unhappy. I haven’t self injured since he saw the injury from a month ago, and screamed at me. He practically ordered me to get help, but I wouldn’t. I thought I was okay but when feelings started changing, my depression worsened. I’m constantly thinking of self injury..or something worse. Just constantly feeling bad about myself and not good enough, and I feel self manipulation is the only way. And it’s not like my parents help…the act like they barely care about me. I need help but I’m scared…I don’t want to be sent away to an institution. Can someone please just give me their input on this whole situation and help me to find the courage to help myself?