I never thought

That sweet-talk poison injury

Could make me fall for it

I never saw myself as the type.

Now it’s all I see.

You pulled me in

Held me close

Whispered that you would make the

Pain go away

I was thrilled by your love

Adrenaline and poison

Creating fire in my veins

Firing a need in me

For you.



Harder to quit

Harder to justify

Easier to need

Easier to want

Easier to


Easier to hate.

Codependent relationship

You give me a rush,

I’ll give you my life.

I’ll sell my soul to you

For the price of a good high.

I fell in love with a tool,

I can’t say goodbye.

My heart was stolen by a tool,

Along with my smile and my happiness.

I fell in love with a tool,

Injury love

Not beautiful, happy love,

But sick, twisted, dependent,


Addictive love.

Poison love.

I fell in love with a tool.