I’m so excited that I just had to share!  I was accepted into Mercy Ministries of America yesterday, after being in their application process for nearly 5 months!!  I applied while still in the hospital and now I’m waiting for a bed to open up.  I have to wait a minimum of 30 days after discharge from the hospital before I’m eligible, so I’m still in that window, but I’m so optimistic and hopeful.

My doctor found SAFE on the internet and told me about it.  Then, I got to share with her what I already knew about the program.  I told her about “Bodily Harm” and she bought two copies, one for me and one for her.  We read and went through the book together.  She had no experience with self-injury, so she had lots and lots to learn.  I wasn’t wanting to share what I knew about self-injury because I was tired of dealing with professionals who were inexperienced.  Eventually, we came to a compromise and started working together.  I wanted to get better and she wanted to help me, so we helped each other.  This book made a huge difference in my course of treatment and I feel blessed to have had a doctor who take the time to research how to help a patient like me.  I was so sick when I arrived and I could have died, but she never gave up on me and yesterday I got to call and tell her on the phone that I’d been accepted into treatment!  Miracles happen and I’m living proof 🙂

The big thing I learned while in the hospital is that self-injury is about CHOICE.  That is what the book talks about and presents self-injury as a symptom, not an illness.  Once we learn how to control our choices and that we truly do have choices, we can then become empowered to make changes. 

SAFE Alternatives has changed my life!  Now, I get to go to treatment.  The book helped me and my doctor figure out how to start addressing my issues with self-injury.  It also explained how eating disorders and self-injury often go hand in hand, which I’m also dealing with… 

I’m nearly 28 and I thought specialized treatment would be impossible, especially since I don’t have insurance or any other way to pay for it.  Treatment isn’t impossible, even if we have to take advantage of local and state resources.  I was treated at a crisis facility for nearly 6 months.  I was stable upon discharge and I’ve been self-injury free since discharge.  I’m living proof that is possible to make it – decide and choose, choose daily and or multiple times a day, to remain self-injury free.