I just wanted to say that today was a pretty bad day for me. parents yelling at me and calling my crazy, as stupid as a three year old and the list goes on and on. When I started to cry they started defending what they had said by giving me proofs. I was stupid because I did the laundry wrong, I was like a three year old beacue I cried when they told me unpleasent things… After all this occured, I told me parents they’re idiots and everything they do is wrong and bad.  You guessed it, they got mad, more angry then they were before. So then their yelling at me and me yelling back just went on and on for two hours — my mom telling me more bad things and so on, and I definately answerred back stuff I would never ever emagine myself saying…

When she left, I needed to calm myself… I told myself I would not SI, but i was too sad to do anything rational like listen to music or do meditation, so I SI ed.  The end.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can learn to take controll of my emotions better next time?