about a month ago my girlfriend/best friend for years dumped me after three months of dating. We fell for each other during a time when we were dating other people and I went through a very emotional rollercoaster. When she broke up with the guy she was with she told me she did not want a relationship for a long time after what she went though with him and i understood. a month later her friend convinced her that being with me was what he needed and it finally felt like i was getting what i deserved after years of being a good person and only getting nothing in return. We were like soulmates. She told me things she never told anybody in her life and always wanted to be around me, which has never happened to me. I was happy for the first time in a really long time. Then she went on her senior trip to New York. When she came back she was less happy, wouldn’t open up to me anymore, she would snap at me all the time which she never did before, and things that i would do that would make her happy did nothing to her. Two weeks later she breaks up with me, over text, in a very harsh way. She yelled at me about how she couldnt be in a committed relationship(which is what she wanted with me) and that i was under her skin and that she was changing. When i asked her why she even bothered with me in the first place she said “i dont remember”. She didnt even end the conversation, she just stopped texting me. I lost the only person who brought me any joy in my life and she doesnt even care i am gone. I treated her better than anybody has ever treated her in her life and i helped her whenever she needed it and it was all for nothing. She was truly in love with me then changed her mind like that. Now i have no have nothing to feel good about. She was the only thing that made me happy. I have been trying to dull the pain and i ended up harming myself, in a way i swore i would never do. I did it once and it helped but only for a little bit and soon enough it turned into an everyday thing. Losing her left me more lost than imaginable and the words i used to describe it does not nearly give justice to what happend. Its like having a guardian angel that will help you with anything and one day he tells you you’re a pain and leaves you for dead. The self injury is getting more intense and i becoming more lost. People keep telling me i am a great person but why would a great person be teased with happiness?