The fireflies of pain,

of yesterday’s sorrows.

What did he say?

Was it that I don’t know better,

That he knows it all.

Is that what he thinks?

And even if he does believe that I live in a hole

Ignorant, stupid, naive and confused,

I know he’s wrong…


do I?

…of course, um,

 I was just tired that day,

blanking out.

…That’s all.

 But I know that it’s my fault;

Why do I let what he said take control over my thoughts and my ugly actions.

Why do I smolder,

unable to think,

emotionally unstable,

rocking from side to side

 empty eyed, afraid.

 a fade of hope,

a loss of words,

suddenly apathetic,

to crying babies,

to starved souls,

even to the orange and pink sunset.

 This is not me,

How do I ignore his judgmental vibe

and sneering eyes?

 Well, I guess it’s all about writing,


right here,

on this blog!

Maybe my hurt is yours,

Just like yours was mine,

when I read a blog post here,

for the first time,

tears rushing in my eyes,

as I learn about

the strength of a girl who was able to do it,

to write, to put aside the world for a second,

just one, and write,

Saving herself, saving me

for a minute

for the first time.