I care about my grades. I care about my ACT Score. I care about getting into college. I care about becoming successful. I care about becoming successful. But then my parents start yelling at me telling me how (like tonight) how I blew an opportunity for the ACT the first time then I’m in this practice class at Sylvan for it and I did even worse on that practice class I tried telling that I was sick that I can’t look back and forth between a the book and my answer sheet because of my ear I get really dizzy. They accused me of not caring about it that I’m not taking advantage of the class. My mom won’t give me the money to buy a practice book with practice tests and then my dad said that I do absolutely nothing for the class until right before it and that’s when I get done my homework. I tried telling him he was wrong and he came over to me and gripped my leg really really hard and then I tried to fight back but it only got harder and now I think there’s a mark (it was on the shin where he grabbed) and my mom just watched him do it. I kicked both of them out and locked my door now I’m typing this in tears…I have dreams so big that it amazes people how much I want to do but when my parents start yelling at me I really think that working at some McDonald’s wouldn’t be so bad….