Today was a nightmare for me. I got yelled at by the same teacher who yells at me constantly, my sister told me she hates me, no one cares, and my best friend, the only person I have can’t tell between the lies and the truths I tell him. I was clean for almost a year, completely clean and something tiny hit me hard and I fell back into it. I snuck away from it for a while then fell back into it later on, but harder than when I was injuring full time. I am now switching back and forth and injuring in another way.  Last night I was talking to one of the people who is there for me and she got me to stay distracted from it for a day and then today came and ugh. I feel like I’m disappointing so many people. I don’t know how to ask for help anymore because I feel that I’ve asked for it too much and just waste their time with my failureness. I feel so hopeless right now and I’m struggling with the thoughts and cravings to injure and I have no one to talk to..