in my life there are the people that know and the people that guess… i don’t try to hide it any more everyone around me knows i self harm. and the saddest thing is no one gets help.. i mean i don’t advertise it to the world.. ya know, someone will notice when I’m not covered. and say what is that from? when was that? it was a while ago right? you don’t still do that do you? and honestly i never know what to say. and how many years can i get away with saying “i was scratched by my cat.” but the problem is i cant stop, it truly is an addiction. S.I. has a hold on me and i cant let go.. i don’t know anything else.. if anyone has any tips or something to say please…. i need some hope.. even if it’s just from a stranger over the Internet.. its the best i can get right now. the best i can get ever…….,