So, I thought things would get better after a certain experience I had, I thought wrong. They were good for a couple of days, then I did a nose dive and am at the lowest point in my life. I hate myself so much, I start to hyperventilate and I cry myself to sleep. I’ve lost almost all motivation in my life, and after the weekend, I wonder why I don’t just end it all.  Is life even worth living feeling like this?

I hate going up to people and asking them for help because I feel like such a burden and they have lives of there own. I’ve started battling another battle too, another thing to add the this war, and only a couple of my friends know. If it were to come out completely, my life would be so horrible, I don’t know if I could handle it. But at the same time, if it doesn’t come out, it’ll surely kill me. But I made the choice to completely lie to the people who matter.

People say cry out to God, but after doing that for so long and feeling just as low as before, I can almost say I’ve given up on that part of life too… I thought I was stronger.

Everyone else going through this battle, don’t be like me and give up. Be strong for those around you, be strong because that is often the only thing to be, be strong to prove to others you will not end up like me. Be strong because if you aren’t, you will lose yourself in the twist of time, in the battle of life.