So lately things have been alright. I mean, the last time I injured was Thursday. But there was a huge trigger and I haven’t thought about doing it since. The only reason I did it was because my dad wasn’t believing me about being sick when it was on his girlfriend’s son’s birthday. He said I was faking it and he said that it seemed like I was thinking “because it wasn’t about me, it’s not worth celebrating”. Which I’ve never done that before. EVER. And on top of that, he’s been making me feel so alienated the whole week because I slipped up and injured on Monday. Any time he would look at me it’d be a glare not just a simple look. And he barely talks to me. I got proud of myself because I started talking back to him Thursday night while talking to him about it. I said, “does Andrew think I was getting an attitude?” he said, “well, I did”. I said, “I DON’T CARE, did Andrew?” And he says “well he’s a pretty easygoing guy” and it’s like, if Andrew didn’t think I was having an attitude or faking, why should you? It was HIS birthday, not my dad’s. And I get sick easily and my dad knows that and he should be sensitive to that. It’s not something to joke about and why would I skip FREE CAKE? He made me feel incredibly stupid and I just got so upset that I did it again… :/ But on the bright side, my dad’s house is a major trigger for my injuring and I should be moving in a couple weeks 🙂 I’m very pumped and I’ll even be going to a new school which means I can start over!! I’m very excited and I will never have to talk to him AGAIN! if anyone cares to email me, my email is (referring Zelda, not Twilight the movie.)