Stand in the rain

Stand in the storm

Stand through the thunder so you will get to see the sun

Stand through the tears

When they come pouring down

Stand through the lightning

It will all be okay

When the clouds part for sun

And its beams break through the grey

Stand on the pavement

Stand in the rain

It will make you feel alive

Scream so you can hear your voice

And remember that you can speak

Dance in the cold

Dance in the dark

Dance in the rain

Dance in the storm

Dance to the beat of the thunder

Dance to the beating of your heart

So you can learn to breathe again

Stand in the rain

So you know you’re alive

Let the drops wash away regret

And let the rain clean the slate

Let the rain wash away the pain

And the hurt

Let the storm cause the calm

Let the thunder and lightning cause happiness

You’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

If we stand in the rain