Ok so my first appointment is over.It was very interesting the psychiatrist wanted to hospilatize me,but my mom was like why he said injuring is a no no.Then my mom was like couldn’t we just get her counseling? He said yes but if that doesn’t work then she will go to the hospital.i had to show my injuries to a lady doing paper work,nurse,and the psychiatrist!!!!!!!!!! It took a LONG time before they got me to show any of them. The pysichiatrist asked me over and over.That’s when the nurse stepped   in,but I didn’t let her either.Se was saying stuff like “can i see it i just wanna see if you need anything for it”and “you’re too pretty to be doing this ” it didn’t work.She left and was like”she won’t let me see it she pulled away”.My mom came in and was saying stuff and convinced me to show her.Then she told my mom and the psychiatrist what she saw. I talked to the counselor in a storage closet cause all the rooms were full.She wanted to see me as soon as posible but her Wednesday was booked ( the Wednesday that just passed).So she said next Wednesday June 2nd 10:00 a.m. . She gave me her cell number,office number,and a crisis hotline number to get me through the week if I ever had an urge.So thats it i’ll keep you updated if you like.