people think they know i S.I. myself they dont really know me though not like my best friend does she tells me too stop and encourages me too.. but she herself does the same thing i dont listen though i just keep injuring no one really understands what i go through they call me the “emo chick” or the “freak” but they dont realize that that provokes me too do what i do i have alot of friends but none of them go too extreme lengths to know me everytime im at my house i have 2 hide behind clothes so i wont show my injuries my mom doesnt get it she hardly acknowledges me but i ignore her too nd my step-dad or as i like too call him step-loser sides with my mom all the time its like hes a puppet nd shes holding the strings i just want someone to know me and why i do this..
bcuz i hardly know myself

Living Another Day,