i broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months yesterday… i wasn’t good enough for him, today my little brother told me ‘christalis is amazing, he is the best’ (christalis is my ex’s name) he’s to young to understand that we aren’t together anymore but that still hurt… then my mom started chewing me out… again. i don’t think she realizes that i am 17, in the state of missouri that means i can move out. i don’t have to be here anymore. i don’t want to. she doesn’t give a care about me and i’m so tired of being second best… two of my brothers are the black sheep, my other brother and my sister are heavens children and i am the si-ing, ungrateful, abused in my past, child that everyone overlooks. i try my best to be perfect, but i will never be good enough for them.
and it hurts me…more than it will ever huty them.