I used to be so animalistic. Going against all of my beliefs and all my natural instincts and hurting myself. I was you. Yes, you. Right there. Reading this. I was you and I want to tell you it gets better. I want to tell you that everything in your life changes, things start going the way they’re supposed to, and everything just works out. That isn’t the case though. Most things around you won’t change. Won’t get better. You, however, will. Only if you want of course. You have to want change. You have to want it with every little part of your body. You have to want it so bad you’re willing to breathe happy. Willing to be happy. I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s no glass stair case. It has rough ways, but you have to make it up from them. You have to get your own way out. No one is going to save you but you. This is for all of you. Anyone that has ever hurt themselves in anyway. Don’t dwell on what was. Focus on what is. Focus on now and what’s happy about now. I’ve come a long way… and you should come with. If I’ve learned anything it’s that humans make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven. Which one will you pick?