I’ve never been on a site like this before. It seems like it helps others I just hope it can help me! I dealt with SI for the past 6 months. Beginning in January after a particularly hard time with my friends and family. I injured myself  and each time I laughed at the pain (this is sadistic I know). I didn’t do it again until early march when I realized…my best friend was leaving me. I then did it again. I haven’t done it in about 2 months but lately it’s been hard. I consider myself ‘cured’ of it even though it never really will go away. My best friends have all done it or are doing it. And I made a pact with my best friend that we would stop together. We both are trying to find ways to ‘release’ and get that adrenaline rush. I find mine in complements. That’s one of the reasons I started SI because I never was complemented and only criticizied. I also thought I was fat and that I was a horror to human life. I guess I kinda just want to hear other peoples stories about how they got out of the hole. Thats what I call it. The hole. The hole that sucks you in and is reluctant to give you back out! So If you can? Tell me how you quit…it’d help me!