So my mom calls me today, asking me why i didnt eat the soup my dad made.  I told her soup wouldnt hold me over through work and the gym so i decided to get a burrito on my way to work.  She goes on and complains about how she had to eat 2 day old left overs and my dad tries to make lunch and i should eat it blah blah blah.  And then she says she so hungry shes starving cuz she hasnt eaten.  I just tell her its her fault.  She had an hour lunch break, she had cash on her, she should have eaten, there are plenty of places she could have eaten at.  But no.  Im the bad guy here since i went and had a decent meal.  I dont understand why she makes me feel guilty even for eating.  She goes through all my bank statements and tells me how disapointed she is that all i spend my money on is food and coffee.  Actually i dont, i spend it on a $300 car payment, $160 gym fee which she comes with me to, gas, and well food and coffee.  Isnt that why im working?  Isnt that why i have a job? So i can afford things i like? So what if i want starbucks every morning? So what if i get coffee 4 times one day but not for a week.  Im an adult i can make my own decisions.  Its all these stupid little things that make me want to SI.  Its been a little over two weeks and i havnt.  I really wanted to about a week ago, but i just sat there and thought it through and annalyzed why i wanted to SI in the first place.  Its like if i dont do things their way, its the wrong way.  Theyre still mad about my choice of career, at LEAST twice a week one of my parents finds a way to point out my choices are wrong.  Oh well.