So, this is the first time i have ever been to a site like this… My name is RegretRehab because i am filled with regret… I SI’ed for a bit… . I covered them all the time. Never letting even myself see them. Till i started getting an allergic reactions to something in my house. My mom decided to take my jacket off in front of my entire family. Grandparents, aunts, cousins, brother, sted dad. Everyone saw them. My mom wouldnt even talk to me… No one did. Except for my closest cousin who understood because she did it a couple of times, but no one knew that. I left to my grandmas because my aunt was afraid cause my mom had a little but too much to drink, and she was afraid she was going to hit me. When i came back, my mom yelled at me. Telling me she didnt want to go through what she had to with my older brother. Saying that the counsler was right when she called saying i was in a depression. My mom didnt understand. She kept saying i did it for attention and there was nothing wrong with me. She cant accept me. She decided to not tell my dad. Because she couldnt be sure of what he would do to me. So, she yelled. Telling me it was all for attention. I havnt SI’ed in three months. But something happened, and i cracked. I injured.  It’s been about three weeks since then. I look at the injuries and begin to hate myself. Those marks will always be there. No one understands. Im in so much pain. They think its for attention. Why would i cover them if i were doing it for attention? I feel alone… I cant find a way to make her understand. And i hate myself for what i did. It just helped me. And now i will forever be stuck with those injuries. And i am still tempted to injure again all the time. Every minute of every day. Please, any advice?