i have a problem with anger. i’ve found out that usually if i’m sad, i will get angry, or if i’m angry, i will be sad because i feel i have no way to stop the anger or to express it other than just being angry and keeping that feeling in.

i’m not trying to be discouraging, this is just my experience…the act of writing in journals does help me some, but it’s just that i have a privacy/trust issue with my mom and if i write something down, sooner or later she WILL find it, and knowing this makes me somewhat “constantly angry” in a way that i don’t have privacy that is all my own and that i’m not trusted. what’s worse is that i can’t even have my room (i am 22 and i have had my own room for the past 4 yrs. before that, i had a room with my younger brother) my mom sleeps in my bed with me because she and my dad don’t get along at all and she can’t sleep with him. so i have to suffer. right now i just get up at night and go to the couch because i just want my privacy and a place that is mine. any advice appreciated. thanks ? L