I am no longer alone.
He is with me. To him I am a goddess, a rare spectacle. Like a diamond in a mountain of coal. Out shining the rest. He cares. To him I am different. I am special.
Everything is perfect. Life is just the way I want it to be. Summer is coming…
But I dont want summer to come. Summer entails leaving him and going up to New Jersey for three months. Being away from him, that will kill me. But I shouldn’t fret. Because life is good. Love is good. He is with me, he cares and THERE IS HOPE.
I am healed.
I am whole.
I am clean.
He makes me happy. He makes me forget my tormented past. He makes me human. We’re like twins. Inseparable. Perfect. He is the drug that keeps me going. Making all worth while.
I’ll miss him when I leave but I know he’s still there, he still cares and I am never alone….<3