My family iz falling apart . My mom iz alwayz stressed and yelling . My dad iz a “recovering” adict , just recently out ov rehab . My sis iz scared n only 3 n waaaaaaay 2 yung 2 hav 2 wory bout this stuf . my bro iz in rehab . my mom keepz on making me take drug testz 2 . i recently relapsd aftr bein clean 4 bout 4 moths . i alwayz think bout si n othr bad stuf . i m thinkin bout it gain . i m only 11 n strtd thiz wen i waz 9 . my parntz just got devorcd , my bff just died not 2 long ago n it feelz like i m al alone . i m 100 lbs ovr weight n fat n alwayz get made fun ov 4 bein the fat emo , n only hav 1 or mayb 2 frendz . no1 undrstndz wat i goin thru . i also m a very bad kid . i alwayz get in trubl , n hav a police recrd . i hate myself , my life , n almost anythun livin . i need real help . i hav a psycyatrist , a therapist , pscologyist , n a counsilor , but it aint wrkin out tht wel . i m getin horibl grdz n my life iz falin part . my bf just broke up wit me . i alwayz cry evry day . HELP ME !!!!!!!!