I’m a student aid for a sophomore English class. (I grade papers and stuff). There’s a girl in the class that constantly has injuries that are obvious. It triggers me so bad. She just lets them all hang out. So I don’t trigger other people – I’ll just say there are a lot. Sometimes I want to stand up and scream “CAN’T YOU JUST COVER THEM UP?!?!?” It’s like she purposely leaves them out there for everyone to see. She doesn’t even try to hide any of them. She’s been to a psych ward, goes to therapy, and is on medication (trust me, she talks about it allllll the time). I hate hate hate when people tell me I just self harm for attention but I feel like this girl does. To other people her injuries and scars look like she wants attention and I hear people talking about her all the time and how she just wants people to feel sorry for her. Part of me feels like it’s girls like her that give the rest of us a bad rep. Like because she shows them all off and seems like she wants attention then that must be how everyone that SI’s is. I try to think, “wow, she looks ridiculous. I don’t want people to look at me and see injuries all over me like that.” but of course that little voice inside my head screams “go. get a sharp. make your look like hers. it’s not enough what you do. hurry. look like her.” She just really really bothers me :/