Hi, this is the first time i have thought about using a forum like this.

I have been depressed for a couple of years now but it has been really bad over the past couple of months. I started to think about harming myself (i dont know why). I’ve tried to injure myself in a few ways.  Everyday i wake up i seem to want to hurt my self. 

The reason i leave this post is because i am scared of myself and i want to be able to talk to people and i want someone to help me before it gets worse, but i just cant talk to anyone. I cant tell my parents about it and im to scared to phone a hotline or go to see someone because it makes me feel pathetic and i think everyone will laugh at me. I only feel this way because the harm i have been doing to myself is only minor therefore i dont think people will take me seriously. I know im serious and i am terrified of myself. Im so tired and confused, i dont know how long i can take it. But is it just a phase? will it pass? am i just being pathetic? I dont know who to turn to anymore.