Secret desires are falling down
And shame has no name or chance
I have happiness and glory and a crown
Filled with dreams to take a glance
At a brilliant and exorbitant future
Packed with courage and persistence
I am strong and I challenge what’s insecure
And sadness is losing its importance

The energy breaks out my body
Tires me out and drains my mind
It becomes the seed of the rhapsody
To feed the frenzy and to bind
The rage and the confusion
What’s real and what’s illusion

I want to break I want to destroy
I think I would even enjoy
To see every broken emotion
I could turn into a hallucination
My ideas and thoughts aren’t clear
I give up on fighting because of fear
I lose the control of my movements
I carelessly start to give me punishments

I look into a deep emptiness
The anger consumes the astuteness
It remembers me scars of anxiousness
Sorrow takes the command
It invades the place where I stand

Times of tears and grief
Bring back one lethal belief
The rampage disappears
The struggling runs in tears
I crawl like a child
And my mind goes wild
I can see corpses all over the place
I hear voices and laughs in the space
I sense the smells as I embrace
The secret desires that controls my breath
The desires and feelings of death