I really can feel the love and care in my moms words when shes telling me “I’m so disgusted with you, you really are a mess, your a disgrace, your just seeking attention”. I just feel so warm and fuzzy inside it makes me want to sing with joy. Oh man, let me tell you how much love I feel when I hear my stepfather say this “Your sick, disgusting, I know how you’ve been saying you feel is all fake, your worthless and useless”. Gosh I just feel amazing. I mean who wouldn’t?

I hear these things almost every day, it gets harder to deal with. They are pushing me too far, making me feel as if I have tons and tons and tons of cement in my lungs. I choke on every breath of air I breath, I wince with every blink I take. Maybe since I’m so worthless and useless its time for me to go.