Hey guys,
So I’m really into posting two things at a time that help. I hope you find them useful. But first, here’s a poem. I’m feeling better today.

Hold on


Balanced between


As she soundlessly screams

In a place where people are so


Hold on,

Make it through another day,

If you hold on,

You can say you stayed strong today.

Pain-drenched tear stains

Stain and taint where her easy laugh

Used to light up her face.

She cries at night,

But dries her tears,

And makes it through another day.

Holding back from the urges, the

Wants and the temptation.

She will hold on today.

Two more things that help:

1. A quote: “When you think the world has turned its back on you, take another look.”

2. For every negative thought, think of two positive thoughts to replace it.

Hope these help,