My best friend and I have the same teacher for physics but in different class periods and my teacher is making us build a rocket (simple kinda…but not the problem) it’s a partner project and I kinda suspected that my friend might choose a partner in her class but I was also hoping not just now I learned that she did in fact choose a partner in her class and I don’t know if I should not care or be upset (I know this is the depression talking not me) but I guess I’m just so scared of losing this friend that this one thing is affecting me greatly. She was in a depression last semester (I never want to her go through it again) but I’m still in it and I don’t know if I can talk openly about it with her because I don’t want to be the cause of her going back to it. Just typing on here has actually made me feel better like a weight was being lifted off. I feel stupid asking this but why is this affecting me so much? Just this one thing?