Ok so there is 2 weeks and 2 days left till my first appt. with my counselor who I dont even know. I’ll be getting help from Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare, but I am scared and I have no clue why. I am only going here cause I think it was last Thursday. I SIed and so I woudl have to answer questions about my injury I wnet to get a bandaid from the school office. When I asked for it the lady was like what do you need it for and then she asked someone who right next to where they have the bandaids if she could get me a bandaid . Then the lady whow as getting me the bandaid my guidence counselor Mrs.McGaha was like do you need antseptic or something like that and I said no.She asked me if it was for what I asked for a bandaid for the last time and I said no.Then she said come here so I can give it to you and completly confused about why she needed me to go into the back I went,and she led me into her office as soon as she closed her office door she said show me.I showed her and she said did you just do that right now? I said yes and she was like at lunch? and I said yes again,then she said with all your friends around you and I was like no I sit alone and she said is it always like that? I said yes and she said but I see you in the hall way laughing with your friends and I said they don’t talk to me anymore or something like that and that I just stoped trying to talk to them and that the only person that sits near me is Michael but there’s really nothing to talk about.Then she said let me see it again and she  hannded me the bandaid.She was like Gwendalis this has to stop you injure yourself with people around you.Then she was like you have to tell your mom or something like that and I was just like I can’t please don’t tell my mom.All she said was if you don’t I have to and I was just saying please don’t then she said then you have to I said but I can’t.She said i’ll give you one night to tell her and come to me first thing tomorrow morning and tell how it went or if you couldn’t tell her I just said no I can’t and she said ok you made your mind up taht you can’t do it and I said but please don’t tell her and she said you just told me you can’t so I have to.Then she said you know I don’t even know if i’m doing the right thing by giving you one night cause that would just give you another night to hurt yourself and if you do do you see what place that puts me in? All I did was nod and she was like i’m going to call her and you can be in the room if you wan’t.Then I said why do I feel so stupid? and she was like cause what your doing is stupid hurting youself on purpose! Then she was like ok well i’m gonna go on my lunch break and when i’m done i’ll call you over.Then she printed a hall pass for me and wrote a note on it for my science teacher I went there during lunch for a bandaid and ended up in there for like 20 minutes.She called me out of P.E. and she said you want me to talk to her or do you I said can you tell her then I can talk to her.She told her ane I started crying cause I thought she was just gonna say that I injured myself that day.Then she hannded me the phone and I talked to my mom and she wanted to take me to get help and she was like do you want me to get you now or do it after school I said after but my guidence counselor said no.So my mom picked me up and yeah.More happended if you wanna know just ask me.