My love hate is S.I. I love it but I hate it.It’s almsot like an addiction or maybe it is my addiction am I addicted? When I am not SIing i’m thinking about.When I am SIing I feel in place and reliefe of the pain that I once felt,but ashamed at the same time.I feel so stupid how could I love something I hate? Something that is destroying me inside out! Something I shouldn’t be doing to God’s temple! I’m only 12 soon to be 13 next month I have my whole life ahead of me,but I feel like i’m just throwing it all away.I feel like everyone diserves better than me.I have so many people who are here for me,that care for me,that love me,and don’t wanna see me hurting myself,but I go around hurting myself anyway.I told this to my guidence counselor and she said it’s maturity.Why do I love it? when I hate it.Could I really be addicted? sometimes I found myself just doing it out of habit. What’s wrong with me?