I hate the fakers. I hate them. And i’m not a hating type of person. And then I feel terrible, because doesn’t that make me a terrible person? I don’t want to look down on them. I shouldn’t. Who am I to look down on them? I’m nobody. It’s awful. How do you take something like that? They’re the fakers, they’re the ones who give S.I.ers a bad name. It’s their fault people see the marks and say “she’s just looking for attention”. I think if I wanted attention I would find a more attention grabbing way to do it. Seriously.

and then everyone has that impression. Of us being attention seekers. No. Some of us need attention, yes, but not activly seeking it by SIing. Don’t they understand it’s not willing? It’s a drug. It’s a drug. and nobody calls the drug users posers looking for attention. So why us?

I’m sorry if I don’t make sense or I offend anyone. Goodness. and I hope I didn’t say anything that needs to be edited, because I feel bad for the website runner people, they’re amazing for doing this for us. : )  We really need someone to believe we need help. Cause if it were all for attention, why worry about triggering material? Gosh, you guys are amazing.