So theres this girl i work with. I’ll call her W.  Theres two guys i work with. T and M.  Me and T are really good friends, talk all day, text, hangout, go to movies,  etc.  Me and M text, talk, stay late at work and talk, etc.  Now in Feb it was my 21st bday, so my family and i went to vegas.  Well W asked if she could come along, i said sure why not, shes the only friend thats 21, itll be fun.  WRONG.  i need to back track, W had met almost everyone who was going on the trip (all 15 of them) so it wasnt like she didnt know how my family is.  Theyre loud, have a good time, and eat. lol.  So apparently the night before she had been with a guy, that she regreted the next day ( the day of my flight to vegas) and on the way to the airport she was telling me, IN DETAIL, with my parents in the car, about her night. I kept telling my poor dad to turn up the radio so they would be spared the details.  At that point i really regretting inviting her along.  But what can you do? Drop her off on the golden gate? lol.  So we get to the airport and my brother and sis in law meet us there. They leave their baby for the first time to come to my birthday so of course im going to try to make them feel better and have a good time with them.  So W ends up sitting by the terminal writing in a diary sort of thing. Whatever i ignore her, its my 21st im going to have a good time.

our flight gets delayed, she starts saying she doesnt feel well.  im like REALLY? maybe you shouldnt have been out the night before our flight.  anyway i again asked if she was ok, she said yeah and we got on the plane.  long story short we get to vegas and meet everyone else there and start getting ready in the condo.  So us girls are in the bathroom doing out hair, makeup, getting dressed listening to music, basically having a good time, whats she doing? writing in that stupid notebook of hers, being totally anti social.  my mom comes in asks me whats wrong with her, and honestly i didnt know. We go to dinner and shes quiet, now W is a very loud person.  again im like whatever, who cares its my 21st im going to have a good time.  we finish dinner and she tells me she wants to go back to the condo cuz shes not feeling well.  im like ok whatever you want.  So my dad and i take her to the hotel, and my brothers best friend was going to propose to his gf after dinner, but since he was going to do it in front of the bellagio water show he had to do it at a specific time cuz he wanted a specific song.  Anyways so we take her back and we rush back but of course i missed him proposing.  at this point im cursing W in my head because im mad,  not becuase i only missed the proposal, but i had to be running back and forth for her.  everyone tells me to forget about her but in my head im thinking of finding some sort of “tool” to destress and of course si comes to mind. In vegas. on my 21st bday, with all my family with me,  W made me want to Si.  Ridiculous right?  Anayway, she texts me later saying shes going home.  Im like really? She says yeah she doesnt feel well etc.

Wow this going to be long, anyways, she goes home, i have a blast, the end for vegas.

when i get back to work that wednesday its totally weird between us.  My boss asks how it was i go explain how much fun i had and shes just sitting there staring at her.  I brought T M and my boss back stuff, not her, she didnt deserve anything.  So after that W has been weird around me.  And at work, she slacks on everything.  She doesnt do anything shes suppose to and my boss doesnt see it cuz she buys him food and brings him coffee and does little things for him.  So what happens? I have to pick up all the slack.  I have to clean up after her, and its getting to a point where i HATE to come to work.  I get so stressed out all i think about is SI.  and my boss doesnt see it. if he does, he ignores it.  So me T and M are all just stuck, in a work enviornment that used to be awesome but is dreary now that shes here.  to top it all off, i work with her all day two days a week come next week.  its seriosuly going to be terrible.  when i think of how lame my work is i want to SI.  when i think of how W is ruining a great job it makes me want to SI.  when i think about how im letting her get to me, i want to Si.  I just dont know anymore.  i hate it here.  but at the same time i love it.  im sitting at work right now doing this, who gets paid to blog? i mean i have to help people but still.  ugh i could go on and on about W and bore you all with my life.  But i think ill stop here. OH! no wait!  Shes the only person who cant work alone.  She says she gets “over whelmed”  Really? we have 2 customers in the store an hour, you cant do that???  and my boss tells us he has to reduce our hours, YET when W is working, theres always another person on with her. Really your a grown person, you can handle it, if you cant LEAVE.  why does SHE get the most hours when she doesnt know how to do half the things we do at the store??? 


ok im leaving i promise.

but i do have to say, getting that out feels good. its been building up for a long time. funny how someone can indirectly make me want to SI.