ummm well i was talking to friends earlier about pyro (nicknamebtw) and sarbear (also ni na) and we talked about fears pyros control issues sarbears image issues and my complex (i have to save and protect ALL who suround me no matter what because if abandoned they will surely perish and be consumed by demons) and that pressure is just unbearable and noone i know has EVER felt that way (trust me ive asked) and that makes it harder noone is going through that that is nearby to help me ex: if my worst enemy was bieng attacked i would protect them (humans i mean) no matter what the cost (knowing they would never be grateful for the sacrafice) THATS how bad it is!! any advice other than to take thier worlds of my shoulders cuz thats what my people do (religious people) like a parent sacrafices for thier child (a good parent a real parent)im sooo exasperated!!