well i am new to this site… just looking for ppl who can better relate to me and my problem… i am 20 years old and have been injuring since i was about 13 or 14.  in an attempt to try and stop i have done some research on SI an dhave noticed that alot of things i do that i never considered SI actually are diferent was of doing it. its really hard for me to realize that i do SI on such a regular basis… i do it at home, at work, in my truck… i feel like its gotten pretty bad… a few months ago i went and saw a concilor about it… but to be honest she just didnt get it. she has never seen anybody who did SI so mostly she just asked alot of questions as if she just wanted to learn more which honestly didnt help me any.. she actually wanted me to sign a contract saying i wouldnt SI.. i dont think she understood that once i get that thought in my head.. once i decide that i need to do it… then i have to … i can try and push the thought outta my head but not for long.. its liek this knawing feelin in my stomache like i HAVE to do it… its crazy … and lately i have gotten to where it gets so bad that i get physically sick….. i hate it.. it used to be the one thing i could control and now i feel like i have no control over that either… has anyone else ever felt this way… any advice on how to stop… this has become such a consumin thing in my life .. i just want to be able to deal with things liek normal people do … help me