It feels like

I’m falling.

Some days I forget who I am

Who I was

Some days I get lost

Somedays I’m sure

That I will give in soon

Throw it all away.


Sometimes I grab hold of something,

I feel a fleeting pulse of hope

A heartbeat of strength in a world of pain

And I think I’ll be okay.


But then I seeyourfacehearyourvoice


Or feel nothing.

An anesthetic my body creates

I guess it’s to protect me from my own pain.

But either way,

Pain, hate or numbness

I’m falling.

Will I ever reach the bottom of this downfall?

Will it be a soft, safe landing?

Will I be okay?

Will someone be there to catch me?

Or will I keep falling forever?


Will I fall even lower than I was?

I hate not knowing.