You and me are alot alike
You dont even know it
You tell me you feel like something is wrong with you
I have felt this way for so long
You say you cant really sleep at night
I cant sleep, I stay up untill 8am every morning crying my eyes out for hours
You say your eatings changed
I know mine has
You say you feel like ending it sometimes
I stay up at night thinking about you trying to convince myself to give life one more day for you
I stay up at night wishing id grabbed my SI tool from your house so I could relese some anger
I wish I had alcohol to drink all this pain away, possibly into a long sleep
You say you feel like your life is falling apart
Mine started falling apart 5 months ago

You and I are alot alike
You dont know it because I dont show you
You dont know the pain that I feel
You dont know that I am  suffering.