I’m looking for someone to trust… Someone I can just pour everything into and not worry that they’ll take it the wrong way or judge me or leave me. I just want someone that I can hold onto for dear life and tell my EXACT thoughts to without them talking back to me, contradicting, or turning on me. I want someone who won’t say anything when I cry and who can speak when I can’t bear the silence. This is a lot to ask for in a person, I know. But there has to be someone out there like that right?

I can’t trust anyone with this. Those who I’ve trusted have turned on me, forgotten, or freaked and obsessed about me. I just want there to be someone that I can speak my mind to and not have to lie. I’m so tired of lying…

I want something to find peace in. Something that I won’t regret. Something that no one will look down on. Something I can brag about. I want a safe haven where I don’t have to worry, at all.

All I want is to be okay. I need someone to help me be okay though. I can’t do it alone.