Hello, this is my first time on here.ย I am 23 years old and started injuring when i was a freshman in highschool (9 years ago). I have been trying to stop on my own and was actually doing pretty good..until recently. I am having relationship problems and they have pushed me off the edge. I have been SI’ing more again even though i try not to i can’t help but do it. I feel so alone like i have noone to talk to..which is why i joined this site. Part of me feels like i need to get help but another part of me isn’t ready to. I feel like this is all i have..its always there for me to make me feel bette..even though its wrong. It had been a couple of days since i last SI’ed but today me and my bf got into a fight and i couldn’t stop myself. He is upset and hates it..he doesn’t understand it at all. My parents and none of my family know. I feel like i have no friends to talk to about it. I just feel like i need support from someone..someone to talk to about this awful addiction.ย  ๐Ÿ™