i told another lie today
and i got through this day
no one saw through my games
i know the right words to say
like i dont feel well, i ate before i came
then someone tells me how good i look
and for a moment, for a moment i am happy
but when im alone no one hears me cry
i need you to know im not through the night
somedays im still fighting to walk towards the light
i need you to know that we’ll be okay
together we can make it through another day
-courage, superchick
This is basically my story. self injury with anorexic tendencies. i cant help it. i dont see what they see. i dont like that girl in the mirror. or the size of my waist. they say im thin. but i dont see it. i feel like im slipping under again and though i have stayed clean from that for awhile i feel it coming on again and i cant stop it. the weight is too much to bear any longer. help?