Three or four days ago I gave my guidence counselor a not asking her if I could talk to her when she wasn’t busy.Well that same day someone from the school office came to get me from p.e. . Then when I got to the office my guidence counselor wanted me so I was like yes I can tell her that I am having doubts about getting help.But nope a guy from DCF was in her office and I was so scared.She had to ask me like 5 times to get into her office before I walked in.He asked me a whole lot of questions and he was like ok let me tell you why i’m here adn he said that it was reported to him that I had done self inflicted wounds.The whole when I was answering the questions I just kept on wanting to know who told.The guy said that if I had any questions I could ask him so I asked him who called him but he said its by law that they can’t know who is calling only the person who called knows.He said we get a call adn we report to it. He asked to see one of my injuries.When he was doen he told me that he woudl leave his bisiness card with my guidence counselor incase I remembered something or just wanted to talk.When I got out of that of her office I ran out of the school office srtraight to the bathroom to cry and I cried for a long time and two girls came into the bathroom and I know they herd me crying but they didn’t know it was me cause I was hiding in the stall.Then when I felt like I could face the world again I went back to the office to get a hall pass so I could go to my study hall but I narely made it when I got into thr door beofre the stair case to the class room I just fell to the ground and started crying again.Then my friend came down stairs and she was asking me questions then my other two friends came down stairs cause they were doing something for the teacher.Then when I felt strong enough again I went up to class but as soon as I made up and I got to my seat I just hid my face with my bag and cried.At the end of the day I finaly got to tell my guidence counselor that I was having doubts about getting help.She asked me if I had injured again and since I did she told me that I had to tell my mom but I just kept saying I can’t I can’t I can’t Mrs.McGaha and she was like if you don’t I will and I just kept on saying no no don’t.When I got home the guy had left his card in a slot of the door ane my mom was aking me do you know anything about this and I just kept telling her no.Until I couldn’t take it anymore and I just told her he came to the school and asked me questions about my injuring.Then the next day was a good conduct field trip that I wasn’t going to cause my mom didn’t have the money.So I stayed at school talking and having fun.And I told my guidence counselor that I did what she told me to and she said she was prying for me to it.Then we had to go to a different clasroom cause the class we were in the teacher needed it for his spanish class so we went to Mrs.Ocassio’s room.And on my way their I was talking to my guidence counselor just asking her who told and stuff.Then yesterday I gave her note asking her if I could talk to her cause this morning I think I figured out why I injure.When I was doing my history test I was called to the office but I coudln’t go obviously till I finished.So when I finished I told her why and she said that from the reaserch that she’s done and from articles she’s read they all say the same thing as what I said.and she asked me what the guy wanted cause she said she didn’t even know why he was here she told me he just gave me his card and that was it he didn’t even tell me why he was here.So I filled her in and stuff.And at the end of the day I was questioned agian at my school cause they came to my house when my mom had to pick me up but by a laidy from DCF and a cop was there too cause the guy that had questioned me first was in the hospital.They also questioned my mom and sister and I didn’t get home till like 5 something.So I was sitting in the school office bored just waiting to go home.Then when we were finished on my way out I kinda whispered more like mouthed to Mrs.McGaha please pray for me and she mouthed back to me I will.And the first day I was questioned my mom took me to a church to get prayed for.And today I also told my guidence counselor that last night I had teh urge but I didn’t and she said that it was good and that it was a big step for me .I also told her that maybe 3 days ago I had the urge but all I could do was cry.And since I was home alone with my dad I just went to the bathroom to cry but then I just stoped.Then I was just on the floor crying and praying she told me that it was good to pray and cry.