Hey everyone,

so I don’t know about you guys, but life has been pretty stressful recently for me. I decided to put two things on here that have helped me a lot.

1. When you feel like injuring, look at the place where you want to injure, and pretend that it doesn’t belong to you, but somebody you love and care about. Think about how you wouldn’t want to hurt that person, and remember that they wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. Then call or talk to that person if possible and talk about something happy to take your mind off it. And thank them for loving you, and being there for you. Because that is one of life’s miracles.

2. Picture yourself when you were little. Now imagine if somebody had tried to hurt that child, had tried to hurt you. Would you be angry? Protective? Imagine if that somebody trying to hurt that child was you. You at the age you are now. If you wouldn’t want anybody to hurt that child, if you wouldn’t want anybody to hurt yourself, then ask yourself, why would I want to hurt that child, hurt myself?

I know that second one is pretty figurative, and we all have a ton of answers to that last question, but really, one the first instincts that humans have is to stay alive. That child wouldn’t want to be hurt. So don’t hurt it.

I hope this helps in any way.