My parents finally know. They were so upset and all they did was yell at me.They are starting to make me feel even worst than before.I was outside when my step mom started yelling at me and she made me show her my injuries.I was soo scared.they are making me go to counseling.I havent started yet but but my school counselor said that if i wanted her to that she would come with me.I am soo glad that i have her.She and my step grandmother are the only two that i cant talk to about this.I am so scared though. I dont know if i cant take not self injuring.I cant stop thinking about it and i dont know if i cant tell anyone without them telling my mom and dad and step mom.I know that they are comparing me to my sister and i hate it soo muc.I have always been the good one that no one had to worry about.Now my sister and my brother are the best kids in the world.They make me so mad. Sometimes i just get out of control and feel like i cant handle it sometimes and cant do anything else but injure myself.I hate feeling like that. Everyone keeps telling me that  there are just somethings that I cant control and that I will be able to control them when i get older.But  I need to be able to control them now because it just makes me feel like my life is out of control. I also have to worry about my 8th grade graduation cause of my scars and they are really noticable now.I dont want my teachers to see them at my graduationand go up to my parents and talk to them about it.Weell g2gsoo byez.

       m.j.95    ?Im never ganna give up?