So i finally told my parents. both of them. They know im not on the path they want me to be on.  And now that they knew, i can pick the classes i want to pick, tonight at 6p.m.  I will finally have the classes ive always wanted to take.  And not the rediculous classes they wanted me to take.  my dad told me “we will love you reguardless of what you do, be a doctor, a homeless person, a teacher, or a landscaper, i dont care what you do, its your life i cant tell you what to do anymore”  That should be what ive always wanted to hear.  It SHOULD be what ive always wanted.  But after he said that i felt LOUSY!  All i wanted to do was SI.  The whole time he was talking all i could think of was how badly i wanted to SI.  How i wanted to run out of the room and make myself feel better. maybe im over reacting.  i do that alot.  Now im kind of panicing.  like what if thyeyre right.  what if psych isnt the best firld to get into.  what if i get my BA and never get a worthwhile job??  But you know what?  I dont plan to work when i get married ( which is why i need a rich husband hahah jk!! well… not really lol ) but if i have to i could always do social work with a BA.  Thers alot you can do, it just wont be like a docotor. which is what they always dreamed for me to do.  But i dont care. I mean i do. but i dont.  Im being me for once.  Come decemeber i will have great grades because ill actually enjoy my classes.  I wont want to skip class. Well three are online so thats a total score! lol.  I feel good today.  i did bum it cuz its raining, but i feel good.  I have  my coffee sitting in a starbucks relaxed for once in a very long time.  i might actually smile…and mean it.  I hope everyone has a good day! <3 Good luck to all.