Just a quick update, and check in to let those who know my screen name that I’m still trying, and have yet to give up on trying.

This April marks many anniversaries, and brings up so many traumas that I can’t hide the fact that YES I have has a tough last few months. Almost to the point where I have literally succumbed to my anxiety and have been isolating. Not for the fact that self injury is not happening, that’s probably been the most positive thing, but all the fun stuff around it like disassociation and the like have been keeping me from going there.

I have a great Therapist, and team, although for the past month or so the case manager had surgery and has been recovering. I have actually succeeded in getting the case manager to read “Bodily Harm”. I discussed with my Therapist about continuing treatment, and she is all for it.

Many of my daily reminders pop up and continue to have me thinking of playing it safe and going back inpatient, which isn’t such a bad thing here… I do not think there is a single staff member that I have dealt with that has stigmatized self injury and that is friendly to the process of getting stable again, Which is great.
In my day to day, I somehow have been riding the impulses out until bedtime, without any resolve to the issues behind them.

I am finding out there is some neurological issues from a fall that has made mobility and daily tasks difficult at best. Some how I seem to be wishing for resolve on that also as the days get painfully long with not being able to take more than simple Tylenol, due to medication conflicts.

I read about successes and opportunities to try again, I am encouraged, by those who don’t give up on trying. Thank you for that support! You’d never know it, but it rubs off.