right now i’m in math class – we’re supposed to be on compass learning.

i seriously hate this. not the compass learning, though i do hate that.

this feeling.  and it’s awful, because i’m not even depressed, really.

lets start over. i’m megan – i’ve had SI issues for 2 years now – since i was 11.  i’ve got a good family life. amazing friends.  i just can’t stand myself.  and i feel like others can’t either.  i was just a lead in the school musical. we did “seussical”.

ive made amazing friends through it – we all love drama (club) and acting and singing and all that jawwwwn.

only now its over.

and im alone again.

i had a place where i could go, and do something i loved,and be surrounded by people i loved who loved it too.  but its over.  and all my worries are back.

all my dissappointments.

my reasons for SI.

my selfestteem is gone.

it was more than a musical to me.