This is my first post here; I actually found this site because I was always wondering what “To Write Love on Her Arms” was, and so I looked it up. And it directed me here.

I have been self-injuring on and off for years. Actually, I have had tendencies towards it ever since I was young; things fromwhen I was younger. This led to that, and suddenly I was injuring. I have scars all over me.  I stopped for a while with a promise to myself, because I didn’t want to disappoint and hurt my best friend, but one day my mom told me she hated me (admittedly in a fit of anger; she didn’t really mean it) and I instantly relapsed. 

Then, two weeks ago, I finally snapped from everything I’ve been going through at home and at school, which I won’t get into just right now. It only took a little thing. I asked a friend if I could hang out with him, and he said no, and that he was busy. Instantly, I snapped and overdosed.

Thankfully, this is actually one of the medications I could have taken. I made it out of the hospital, and am now in therapy. But I still can’t stop injuring, and I’m not even sure if I want to. Actually, I really don’t think I do. But I feel like I need to talk to someone. So now I’m here.