Accumulating pain

Unspoken words

Screaming so loud

I try to block out your whispering

But the silent sounds scream louder than ever.

Your eyes are covered

By a veil fabricated by the pain we went through


That we blamed on each other.

You can’t see how much she hurt me, now,

You can’t break through your grudge.

You can’t even offer your friendship again

Even after all the things we went through together.

Even as you see my pain right in front of you

Can you see it?

Can you see through my disguise the same as you used to?

When we were there for each other.

She was never your best friend like I was

Never held you like I did

She never hurt you

Like she hurt me.

You can’t see the evil hiding in her seemingly innocent eyes.

All of this pain is accumulating

I think I’m safe

Then I see your scars

Or I see my own

Then I remember how much she hurt me

And how you take her side.

I remember that it all could have been different

If we had never started this pain

If we were still best friends,

And I’m overwhelmed by urges

Will it ever go away?