I never knew that I might have a problem. I haven’t tried any serious S.I. before, but just little things for the past 3 years without even really consciously knowing. I thought that a bit wouldn’t be too bad, until it started getting out of hand these past couple of months. I feel stressed at school, stressed at home, stressed in my outside-of-school activities. I never get enough sleep and I always seem to have a negative thing to say about myself, no matter the situation. I use S.I. to calm me down, to isolate myself from the world a bit. I thought it was okay until we had had this program at my school where they talked about how serious it is and how there are better ways to relieve stress and fatigue. I really want to stop. I don’t want to have to hide my skin anymore, but something always seems to hold me back. I tried telling my mom, but she just doesn’t understand. She tries to sympathize, but she usually ends up yelling at me for doing S.I. in the first place; not offering any help. Can someone please help me find the courage to do stop? please?